How to Make Your Own Furniture Polish and Scratch Remover

If you want to polish your furniture and to return back their shine, this article will help you make your own polisher from oils you have in your kitchen supplies.  After you’ve learn how to prepare your own cleaning products, you won’t need to buy any commercial ones.

How To Clean and Polish Furniture At Home

Here is the main recipe for making furniture polisher with household products, given from professional cleaners from their everyday practice. They assure you you will be satisfied from the results at the end and your furniture will not only look good, but will smell good also. So, make a mixture from 1 part of vegetable oil, 1 part of olive oil and 1 part lemon juice. Use a soft cloth to apply this solution on the furniture.

There are recipes also for different types of furniture. For example, for unfinished wood furniture, you need to use mineral oil but when you apply it be extra careful because it is flammable.

For mahogany furniture, it’s needed to apply a cleaning solution of vinegar and warm water onto the wood. If there are greasy stains on them, sprinkled salt will absorb the grease and will prevent from other stains. However, if there are water spots, what you need only is a good toothpaste rubbed gently with a damp cloth on them.

As our expert cleaners have suggested, you should try using lemon juice and vegetable salad oil for removing scratches from furniture. Mix them in equal parts and rub with a soft cloth until they all disappear.

And last but not least, use vegetable oil soap instead of toxic cleaners for antique furniture. Always read the label directions.

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