What is the purpose of ibex hunting?

Probably you know or have heard about ibex hunting. But if you don’t – after reading this article you will understand not only what ibex hunting is but also what is its meaning and purpose.

Kri kri ibex is a breed of goat which is protected by UNESCO, or at least their habitat at Sapientza island is protected as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, so hunting season is short – from November to December every year, during 08:30 a.m. to 14:30, four days a week. Maybe you are wondering why hunt is even allowed there. Well, hunting seems to be the only purpose for keeping alive this breed of goat. Ibex hunting from krikrihunt.com is getting more and more willings who will try it in the next hunting seasons. So, if you are one of them – here is what you must know about the breed and the hunt.
What is the purpose of ibex hunting?
It is clear that hunt is floating in our human’s blood for centuries. Nowadays it’s returning as a sport has provoke many disputes. Is it moral, is it right? Well, ibex hunting has it’s meaning and it is a good one, because the two organizers – greek men Hristos and Dimitros are actually saviours of kri kri ibex goats. Before their idea for ibex hunting which is organized at a strictly pointed season and at regulationed time each day – ibex goats were headed to extinction.
What is the purpose of ibex hunting?
Now, ibex hunting is a allowed two month per year, four days a week – which is acceptable. As you know, our modern world won’t go back to the ancient times where hunt was a way to survive, but it is a need, to be a hunter, to hunt..so you cannot stop hunters, but you can find a balance between killing and life, so you are saving whole breed of kri kri ibex. For more information about kri kri ibex hunting you can visit their official website –

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