Take your kids on travel – Plovdiv is waiting for you

Only the thought to embark on a trip with the children makes many parents feeling nervous. The list of factors requiring consideration before such travel is usually quite long, and because of that most of the people choose a safer approach. For a Western European person going to Bulgaria with the kids might look like a great challenge. But indeed speaking of family travel, Plovdiv stands out as an amazing opportunity for discovery by two (or three) generations all together.

Your children will love the city

The oldest living city has everything needed to make the youngest humans happy. During the time of your travel, Plovdiv will undoubtedly make the children smile and laugh with the colorful atmosphere and the plenty of activities dedicated especially to the minor visitors of the place. Your kid (or kids) will surely enjoy the Fun Day Tour where the sightseeing is mixed up with games. The prominent features of this plan include a ride on the Children’s Railroad, running from Wednesday to Sunday and taking the travelers to the Youth Hill; having fun around the Singing Fountains in the King Simeon’s Garden – the park in the center of city which also has several playgrounds for children; visiting the Natural History Museum where both youngsters and grown-ups can be intrigued by looking at hundreds of butterflies and a giant crocodile too.

Even a random walk in the downtown area will be interesting for the whole family. But when you take the offspring on a trip, more fixed daily scheduling is highly recommended at least for a part of the travel Plovdiv stands as the central point of.

Near-city trips will make the vacation even more interesting

Kids get bored too fast sometimes, so they might have enough of the street walking if it lasts for more than two days. If you plan for longer travel, Plovdiv has plenty of places to visit in the near vicinity. There is no need to book out of town hotel if you want to visit Asen’s Fortress and Bachkovo Monastery to the southeast, it will take several hours to reach these interesting objects and to return. The agenda is similar concerning the daylight trip to Starosel and Koprivshtits to the northwest. Don’t worry that the children will get tired. It takes a little longer than one hour in one direction. Mixing the city fun and the travel around Plovdiv will build a dear memory for the whole family.

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