Wind shooting in Bulgaria: safe practices

Hunters use a variety of techniques for bird targets, including walking up with dogs, shotgun and bow hunting, stalking, and others. Shooting at moving targets or birds in flight is known as wing shooting, and Bulgaria is a classic destination for guests from all over the world.

Visitors who come for wing shooting in Bulgaria enjoy the fact that the country is the home to sizable bird populations. Game targets include chamois, wood pigeon, snipe, turtle dove, quail, and others. The Balkan chamois is a popular game bird found in the Rila and Rhodope Mountains. Hunting grounds are usually located high in the mountains, at altitudes of over 1,800 m. The hunt itself is challenging and quite an adventure, which makes it a good choice for persons who are physically fit. Bulgaria is also a popular destination for snipe hunting. Snipes are wading birds that live and breed in pastures, at sea shores, damp meadows, bogs, and marshes. Because of its erratic flight pattern, this is a difficult target for many.

When coming for wind shooting in Bulgaria, it is important to follow safe practices such as knowing where other group members are at all times and ensuring that the barrel points at targets and in a safe direction. Make sure you know where the hounds, handlers, are other hunters are. Shooting should only be done into a clear sky, and a low flying bird is not a good target. It is also important to wear safety glasses and to dress in orange. Finally, when in doubt what to do, ask your guide for advice.

Wing hunting in Bulgaria can be combined with other types of game, including fallow and red deer, mouflon, pheasant, goose, and others. Combined hunts offer many benefits, one being that they allow hunters to practice and master different sets of skills.

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